'Orcas and Auroras'

Photo Expedition in Norway 2020

Swim with wild Orcas

Early Bird Cost: $3,950 USD total 

(maximum of 4 people for early bird pricing or until Dec 31 2019)

Regular Cost: $4,500 USD total


Tour Dates: November 14-20th, 2020 (8 Spots Available) 

Swim with wild Orcas Artica Adventures

Photography Expedition: Orcas and Auroras– Norway Adventure Tour and Workshop 2020


Location: Skjervøy, Norway located 300km North of the Arctic Circle


Cruise on the water in beautiful northern Norway, swim with majestic Orcas in the wild, explore the Norwegian wilderness and watch the magical auroras dance across the night sky.


Swimming with wild Orcas and Humpbacks in Norway is one of the most incredible experiences you could ever do to connect with wildlife. On your 7 day trip you have 5 days of swimming from ~9am to 1:30pm 


This is an Expedition and it is defined as an adventure where you must be healthy enough to participate, carry your own gear, load your own gear, act responsibly and safely, listen to guides and captain and to understand there are unpredictable circumstances with wildlife and weather. 

Boat Setup: Open 12 Passenger Rib Boat

Water Temperature: 5 degrees Celsius or 41 Degrees Fahrenheit. See photos below for water visibility 

Air Temperature Average: November -10 to +2 Degrees Celsius or 14 to 35 Degrees Fahrenheit

Sunrise: ~8:30am

Sunset: ~1:50pm



To reserve your spot:

  • Please send your name(s) to hello@artica-studios.com requesting to reserve your spot

  • The next step will be to pay 50% of the total cost via credit card or PayPal. $2,250 USD is payable to reserve your spot today. This is non-refundable as we will be reserving your spot on the trip. The remaining $2,250 USD is due 4 months prior to your start date - July 14 2020.

  • Note: You can pay the full amount $4,500 USD today to reserve your spot. Single occupancy request for your own room is +$700 USD.

Tour: November 14-20th 2020

7 days and 6 nights

(8 Total Spots Available)

Logistics for Tour:

  • Book a return flight to Tromsø, Norway for November 13th arrival or earlier 

  • We will transport you from the airport up to Skjervøy which is a 3-4hr drive. 


Accommodations - see some photos above in the gallery

  • We will arrive at our Hotel South of Skjervoy by 1hr. Rooms are 3 participants per room as singles, or couples have their own room. The hotel will be mentioned upon booking with your tour PDF package. 1hr drive to harbour each morning

Tentative Itinerary (5 days on the boat of the 7 day trip)

  • November 14th: Pickup downtown Tromso at 9am. Drive 3-4hrs North to Hotel - bring snacks for journey. Settle in, eat dinner, photography lesson: how to shoot auroras. At night, we will go out and do some aurora watching as well as showing you how to photograph the auroras.


  • November 15th -19th: Breakfast at 7-7:30 am. Leave for harbour at 7:45am - We will be waking up very early to be prepared for the day on the boat. Please see below for equipment needed to snorkel with orcas, otherwise, just photograph orcas from the boat. Go to hotel to put on drysuits, come back to van to pick up camera gear then head to boat. Sail around fjords looking for orca pods that are feeding/hunting in order for us to swim with them they cannot be in transit. If Orcas are in transit we will photograph them from above the surface. Lunch/snacks on the boat or at 1:30/2pm if that is preferred and then we arrive back for 6pm dinner at our hotel after an hour drive. Lesson: post-work production editing techniques and tricks and then off to shoot more auroras or hangout. Note Auroras depend on clear skies and strong KP rating

  • November 20th: Flex day for photographing the fjords and editing as well as packing up gear. We check out at 11am and we will have lunch at 12pm then leave for ferry and back to Tromso. A wrap up dinner in Tromso - each guest pays their own bill and tour ends before dinner 5:30pm

 Included in the price $4,500 USD (taxes are included)   

  • Accommodation in a wonderful hotel in the Norwegian Arctic. (Single Room Occupancy Request +$700 USD)

  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) – the food will be provided by Jenni who is a certified nutritionist. She will be cooking healthy meals! Please let us know about any dietary restrictions so we can accommodate you. Lunches will be taken to go as we will be on the water.

  • Transportation return from Tromso to Skjervoy (3-4hr drive each way)

  • 5 Days Boat Charter with Captain

  • Photo Editing Workshops (Lightroom, Photoshop)

  • Photo Technical Workshops (for beginners and experts)

Not included in the price

  • Airfare to Tromsø, Norway (approx. $750-$1,300 from North America)

  • Not included: Drysuit or snorkel gear (snorkel mask, snorkel, fins) rental. We can help arrange - we have partners to rent drysuits and snorkel gear for $250 USD for the week. No transportation of it necessary - we have you covered.

  • Alcoholic beverages – there will be an opportunity to buy but to save money purchase at Duty-Free

  • Additional Snacks – we will make regular visit grocery stores for you to pick up extra food if you’d like. This happens after each boating day

  • Hotels before and after we pick you up and drop you off in Tromso. Dates: November 13th and November 20th

  • Food at restaurants – we will be purchasing groceries and cooking but you are welcome to eat whatever you’d like

  • Gifts at shops etc.

  • Visas (if applicable)

What to bring

Recommended Photo Gear

  • DSLR Camera (full frame or mirrorless recommended for astrophotography - auroras)

  • Sturdy Tripod 

  • Remote Shutter (for time-lapse) Purchase one on Amazon for cheap

  • Wide Angle Lens e.g. 14-24 mm f/2.8, 16-35mm f/2.8 or 17-40 mm f/2.8 (recommend for Auroras)

  • Mid-Zoom Lens e.g. 24-70 mm, 24-105mm or 18-135 mm 

  • Telephoto Zoom Lens e.g. 70-200 mm, 100-400 mm (recommended for wildlife)

  • Drone – When on the boat you can fly them but it is at your own risk. Additional batteries

  • Underwater housing for your camera – *highly recommended* – purchase a high-quality investment like an Aquatica Housing or you can look into renting options

  • GoPro with underwater housing + extendable stick attachment

What to Wear: 

Temperatures in Northern Norway average -10 to +2 degrees Celsius so please bring a variety of clothing options and layer to easily adjust to the changing climate. On the boat when sailing the temperatures can feel more like -10 to -15 degrees Celsius. Here is a list of recommended clothing to bring:


  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket * Preferably a bit on the large side to wear on top of drysuit during cruising

  • Warm Winter Jacket 

  • Warm Sweater/Fleece

  • Thick Warm Pants

  • Snow Pants (optional)

  • Thermal Leggings/Long Johns

  • Winter Boots

  • Warm Hat

  • Winter Gloves 

  • Photography Gloves (optional)

  • Towel

  • Blanket for the boat

  • Anything else for your comfort. It will be cold on the boat.


If wanting to snorkel and swim

  • Drysuit Rentals, Fins & Snorkel - ask Chase and Jenni to help you arrange the cost is +$275USD for your trip

  • Remember: Wild animals are wild and we cannot predict their behaviour perfectly or control them. We also aim to be noninvasive and non-threatening. As you leave the boat, it is your responsibility to listen to the guides and to only go in at your own risk. We cannot stress safety enough. For both you and the animal. Please respect these wild creatures by not getting to close or doing anything that could result in a negative outcome.

  • Wearing a life jacket on the boat will be encouraged and endorsed by the guides if you're not wearing a buoyant drysuit. However, as a means not to nag you, it will be your responsibility to remember to put one on and a choice to put on one or not. If you choose not to wear one, that is completely fine, but you are assuming the full risk if something were to happen. We are not legally responsible for "Acts of God" meaning wildlife interactions, weather, and your own choices.

  • You must be able to swim on your own and pull yourself up from the boat. We can help push/pull you up onto the rib boat


Participant Action List 


  1. Deposit payment is due to reserve your spot - please request an invoice from Artica Studios and a phone call to discuss expectations and the trip. This is a short phone call we have with all of our guests!

  2. Book your flights for one day prior to the start of the tour, and one day after the tour finishes. For example for the tour you should arrive on November 13th or earlier and depart November 21st or later. 

  3. Book an AirBNB or Hotel on your arrival day November 13th 2020

  4. Book an AirBNB or Hotel on the last day of the tour November 20th 2020

  5. Drysuit Renta: this is your responsibility and mandatory. We can help arrange for a cost of ~$250 USD for your entire trip. Fins and snorkel are included in this rental arrangement. Please email your measurements of height, weight, foot size to hello@aritca-studios.com and payment must be made to reserve your gear.

  6. Camera Gear: Photographers please practice with underwater housing prior to joining so that you're comfortable. If you are not a photographer, no problem! We recommend just bring a go pro with an extendable grip to hold while you're swimming.

  7. Trip Insurance: for flight delays,  missed flights, missed expeditions, weather problems you must have proof of travel insurance. We are not responsible for managing your travel plans nor for uncontrollable such as whale sightings,  underwater experiences and weather.

  8. Personal Health: You must be physically fit and in good health for this trip. If you are over 45 years old you must provide confirmation that you spoke with your doctor about the trip details.

About Artica Studios and our Tours called Artica Adventures


Our tours are not just photography workshops, they are life-changing experiences that will shape you as a person. Whatever your current photography understanding is; our workshops will help you improve in a variety of areas, including composition, editing, personal style development, workflow and more.


We are looking for positive, like-minded people to join our trips as it is most often the people who make the experience and everything else is just a bonus. We love animals and the environment and we care deeply about creating inspiration and action to help make the world a better place. Your photos and videos from this Norway workshop will help tell a story of the importance of the preservation of the Arctic. One of the most important aspects of photography is storytelling. When you are 300km North of the Arctic Circle, you will be inspired to create more, to tell more and to share more.


Let's fall in love with the Arctic together. Join us to snorkel and photograph Orcas and Auroras in November 2020!

Chase Teron Photograher swim with wild orcas

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