Image by: Sean Crane & Churchill Wild

"New" Walking with

Polar Bears Safari

near Churchill, Manitoba 2020

Spots available 

October 21-25 at Seal River Lodge

Oct 25 - Nov 1 at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Photography Instruction by: Chase Teron & Jenni Lisacek for Churchill Wild

Join Chase and Jenni with Churchill Wild Safaris in Canada's Polar Bear capital near Churchill, Manitoba. Churchill Wild has developed a guiding technique to allow for their guests to safely walk with Polar Bears to get an eye level and lower. This provides us with the ultimate Polar Bear experience that is very humbling. Walking with Polar Bears provides us with a rare opportunity for the best perspective for wildlife photography. On this expedition you can expect to see a variety of Sub-Arctic wildlife small and big. Each day we will have a morning walk and an afternoon walk to spot wildlife. This is not an easy walk as some days we are walking for 3 hours each outing and session plus carrying your camera gear.

Trip Logistics 

Guests will arrange their flights to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The day before the departure an equipment check, introductory session and hotel stay are included in your package. The next morning we fly out early to Churchill and once we land, we will go to the Churchill Wild hangar to fly to the lodge.


Day to Day Itinerary

Each guest will be shown their rooms, coffee/tea will be ready upon arrival and lunch follows soon after. The days consist of breakfast, morning walk/hike to locate wildlife, lunch, afternoon walk/hike to locate wildlife, dinner, then a presentation and relaxing time then potential for Auroras at night.

Chase and Jenni will be working with each client on a group basis and individually to master your camera and get the most incredible wildlife shots you can imagine.


Choosing a Lodge

Seal River Lodge is on the coast line of the Hudson's Bay North of Churchill and Nanuk Lodge is nearby Churchill slightly in land from the Bay. Both lodges offer you a beautiful stay with varying wildlife opportunities. If you are having difficulties choosing a lodge please send us an email to to help your decision.

As you may know, wildlife can be unpredictable and it is never guaranteed. Some of the wildlife we can encounter include:

Polar Bears


Arctic Fox


Red Fox / Cross Fox

Arctic Hare


and more!

Join us on our newest expeditions and email us at for information to reserve your spot and mention you were referred by our website and Chase Teron and Jenni Lisacek.

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Wolf_courtesy of Chruchill Wild_photo by

Image by Gillian Lloyd & Churchill Wild

Images provided by Churchill Wild

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