West Greenland, Ilulissat (JAV)  |   DATES: Week 1: Aug 11-17th or Week 2: Aug: 18-24th

2022 Greenland Photo Tour Disko Bay

* Covid-19 Guarantee - your deposits and payments will always go towards a trip. If 2022 is postponed by Covid-19, then you are confirmed on the following year tour without paying a higher premium price.

Join us 350km North of the Arctic circle in Greenland in August 2022 for an incredible photography expedition and workshop. Photograph the Ilulissat Icefjord and the colossal Icebergs, watch the plentiful and playful Atlantic Humpbacks and enjoy day hikes across the rugged and raw Greenlandic terrain.

We will have a private boat charter on the wooden red boat seen in the photo below all to ourselves for 4 hours for 4 of the days during the middle of the midnight summer sun. Yes, that's going to be all glowing like a sunset for the whole time!


We pride ourselves on taking you to the very best locations near Ilulissat, Greenland. Our adventure tours are for photographers and non-photographers for all ages 18+ and for all physical levels able to do easy to medium hikes 3/10 fitness required. Only if you want to join the hikes, it's up to you. 

You will have 6 days and 6 nights in a shared home right on Disko Bay in Ilulissat so you can keep an eye on those icebergs as you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner or even while editing photos. Fly your drone from our balcony and get epic drone photographs of icebergs and videos.

The rooms are 3 / 3 / 2 persons per room with a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, and plenty of table space for editing and Jenni, myself and Alex will be at a different accommodation just down the road, but we will spend our time with you of course.


We have a Greenlandic home located right on the ocean with icebergs floating by. The rooms are 2, 3 and 3 guests per room and our 3 instructors are a 5 minute walk away. This setup is integral for our group to bond and for us to be able to prepare meals and to teach effectively. We interview each person prior to joining the trip and we will provide bio's of each guest so you know who is joining. It's a great way to connect prior to the trip as well. Single supplement is not available this trip. There are 3 total rooms for 8 people and 1 bathroom and a large gathering area and kitchen


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided by Artica Studios. Breakfast will be a self serve set up, including items like smoothies, oatmeal, toast, cereals. Lunch will be prepared by Jenni & Chase, for example, healthy rice and veggie bowls, wraps/sandwiches, soups/chilli/veggie stew, stir fry rice or noodles, Mexican burritos/tacos - just to give you an idea. Dinner will be delicious, ideas include pasta dishes, greek/garden salads, stir fry noodles/rice, soup/chilli, fresh breads and more.


Please note snacks / drinks / alcohol are not included. The grocery store is nearby, so you can bring along personal snacks, fruits, drinks as you please for the boat and for any in field walks/hikes.

Photography Instruction:

Photography instruction before we head out in the field and post editing instruction using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Whatever your skill beginner to advanced, we can help you with getting better photographs.

We will be focused on creating compelling seascape/landscape photographs using wide angle and telephoto lenses, creating panorama images, creating images to exposure blending, working on timelapses, drone/aerial photography and some video as well.

We will be doing group discussions and individual one on one or 3 on one discussions to help you with your specific needs. 


Guided by Chase Teron, Jenni Lisacek and Alex Stead (week 1).

See Below for details on logistics and how to get here.

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Ilulissat, Greenland 

Dates Tour 1: August 11-17th 2022

Dates Tour 2: August 18-24th 2022

Location: Ilulissat, Greenland (JAV)

Available Spots:

3/8 : Tour 1 

6/8  : Tour 2

Difficulty level: Easy

Photography Opportunities: 10/10

Landscape & Drone

Price: $4,550 USD / person 

Early bird special $3,950 USD / person until Oct 30, 2021

Registration deposit: $1,975 USD (full payment required 90 days after deposit). View Covid-19 Guarantee

Arrival: Fly to Ilulissat (JAV) minimum 1-2 day prior to your start date.

Departure: Departure time is 10am on the last tour day. Book flights anytime after 1pm


  • 4 days of 4 hour private boat charters

  • Ocean side accommodation

  • All meals 

  • 2 professional photo guides all tuition - in field and editing,

  • Individual post-processing sessions

Not included: 

  • International Flights or Domestic Flights.

  • Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the starting location in Ilulissat.

  • Any private insurances, taxes, immigration, duty and visa fees where applicable.

  • All snacks

  • Any personal items including alcoholic beverages, souvenirs and travel insurance.

Price per person

(includes taxes and credit card fees)

$3,950 USD (early bird)

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Photography Instructor


View Chase's most recent photos on Instagram @Chase.Teron

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Photography Instructor


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Photography Instructor Week 1


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Greenland Photography Tours Artica Studios Boat
Our Private Boat Charter - lots of space and room to shoot

General Information & Itinerary.


Please be prepared to switch your schedule as boat charters 10pm to 2am.

We won't be sleeping during the best light!

  • Please arrive in Ilulissat at least the day before the photo tour start, the flight schedules are not often so it's best to be safe and arrive a bit early.

  • There are 2 ways to get to Ilulissat, Greenland:

  • The First Way (Good for North Americans or if you would also like to add in Iceland to your adventure). You can fly roundtrip internationally to Reykjavik (KEF) then book a separate lag with Air Iceland Connect (Note: Not Iceland Air) from Reykjavik at the local airport near downtown called (RKV) to Ilulissat (JAV). Please note, if you book separate lags, you cannot miss the other flight due to any circumstances so that's why it's ideal to have travel insurance that can cover any issues you may have. Flight schedules to Greenland begin to show up on the website in March/April timeframe

  • ​The Second Way (Good for Europeans) Air Greenland operates out of Copenhagen, Denmark and directly to Ilulissat or with one layover in another region of Greenland. Flight schedules are updated near the same time as Air Iceland Connect, starting checking in early March for flight options.

  • If you booked with a hotel the days before the tour, send them your arrival dates/times and have them arrange a taxi for you. It may or may not be complemetnary but it's around $10 to $20 (please note before and after the tour, it's not included in the tour price). Take a taxi into Ilulissat approx 10 min, AirBNB or Hotel for the night before the tour. Arrive for 12pm noon on the day of your tour and check-out is at 11am on the last day of your tour. 

  • We will be switching our schedules slightly to stay up for the midnight sun to ensure we capture all of that golden light. The specific schedule will be sent closer to departure date

Tentative Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive checkin at our accommodations is at 12 noon. We will set up the rooms with each guest and make sure everyone is settled in. Then lunch time, discussing photography instructional techniques, planning for the evening. The plan is to go out to shoot around 10pm to the early morning. 

Day 2: We will be focusing on shooting the icefjord, working on timelapses, long exposures, bracketing, focus stacking, and panoramas as an example! Drone photography as well - please come prepared and practiced with your drone and we can help refine your techniques for photography and videography 

Days 3 to 6: Boat charter from ~10pm-2am - Icebergs, Greenlandic Villages, Humpback Whales. Editing sessions throughout the evening/night and after these boat sessions. Potentially exploring Eqi Glacier, Ilimanaq or Rode Bay as examples.

Day 7: The tour ends at 10am so we will have an early morning shoot, have breakfast and then depart.

  • Our photography subjects here are the Arctic land and seascapes and the Icebergs, husky sled dogs, Greenlandic colourful settlements and we are hopeful for wildlife sightings of Atlantic Humpbacks and Arctic Fox.

  • We have chartered a boat for 4 days each tour for 4hrs to photograph the icefjord, icebergs, and settlements. Also one day designated to whale watching boat with icebergs

  • We will explore the Ilullissat icefjord region capturing unique perspectives and aerials. Drones are recommended!

  • Meet and photograph the huskies of Greenland - especially in the settlements of Rodebay and/or Ilimanaq. We will choose the schedule depending on the weather conditions.

  • Photo editing and formal instruction in the field and editing back at the accommodations in the camp headquarters ​

  • Drones permitted for landscape drone shots photos with proper certifications

Recommended Photo Gear

  • DSLR Camera (full frame, crop, mirrorless) or if you're new anything you have!

  • Sturdy Tripod 

  • Wide Angle Lens e.g. 16-35mm f/2.8 

  • Mid-Zoom Lens  eg. 24-70 mm f/2.8, 24-105mm or 18-135 mm 

  • Telephoto Zoom Lens e.g. 70-200 mm, 100-400 (recommended for wildlife). *** We highly recommend using a converter or long lens as we keep our distance from wildlife unless they approach us.

  • ND Filters e.g. Small Stopper ND64 (6 Stops of Light) and Big Stopper ND1000 (10 Stops of Light) recommended for long exposure during day around the shores

  • Drone – When on the boat you can fly them but it is at your own risk. Additional 2 batteries is recommended - 3 total



What to Wear & Gear to Bring:

Temperatures for a Vancouver Island summer average 5 Degrees to 25 Celsius through the day and night so please bring a variety of clothing options and layer to easily adjust to the changing climate. Here is a list of recommended clothing and gear to bring:

  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket 

  • Warm Mid layer: Sweater/Fleece

  • Thick Warm Pants

  • Snow Pants - please look at weather forecast for Ilulissat for August low temps.

  • Thermal Leggings/Long Johns

  • Good Hiking Boots

  • Warm Hat

  • Photography Gloves 

  • Towel

  • Blanket for the boat

  • Anything else for your comfort

Frequently Asked Questions: Artica Adventures


Are you tours just for photographers?


No, not at all! Our trips are approximately 50/50% split of photographers and non-photographers. These trips are called photo tours as Jenni and I are instructing photography lessons hands on while we explore and sail. We have non-photographers (with iPhones, etc), beginners to expert photographers on our trips. It's the perfect learning grounds where you get to immerse yourself in nature and be surrounded by great people.

Why Greenland?


Greenland is very difficult to explore because there are no highways and there are just small airports, the towns/villages and settlements are spread out quite fair. The best way to explore Greenland is by boat and foot (by air it is visually amazing as well!). It's the land that offers mountainous peaks, icebergs that are as tall as skyscrapers, colourful river valleys, Arctic wildlife, and the summer sun that never sets. It's the land that needs the most attention in our environmentally challenged world today. Greenland and the Arctic are so susceptible to climate change forces and resource extraction therefore we need our collective focus on the areas and regions that need our help the most. As photographers we have the ability to share stories with powerful images that represent climate change and environmentally sensitivity.

Why Artica Studios Adventure Photo Tours vs. Other Tours?


Jenni and I are so passionate about our tours we take small groups that are more intimate where we can connect with each one of our guests. We also pride ourselves on taking you to these remote locations that are extremely difficult to get to and otherwise unaffordable. Our tours are never over-priced as we want you to have a life changing experience and for you to share your experience (and photos) with family and friends and for them to be able to afford to have their own Artica Adventure experience.


Our tours are not just photography workshops, they are life changing experiences that will shape you as a person. Whatever your current understanding is of photography, our workshops will help you improve in a variety of areas, including composition, editing, business acumen, personal style development, work flow and more!


We are looking for positive, like-minded people to join our trips as it is most often the people who make the experience and everything else is just a bonus. We love animals and the environment and we care deeply about creating inspiration and action to help make the world a better  place. 


Let's fall in love with the Greenland Arctic together!