Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National park, Enduimet Wildlife Management Area

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exploring NORTHERN TANZANIA'S incredible wildlife locations:

Arusha National Park

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Serengeti National park

Enduimet Wildlife Management Area 


with THE image of africa & chase teron

Visiting Africa is a dream for many nature and travel lovers. There are many options to choose from when planning your getaway but rest assured this itinerary for Tanzania Off the Beaten path is strategically designed for the photographer.


Chase Teron and the team at The Image of Africa have put together the ultimate, private wildlife photography expedition. Typical African vacations have a very strict, cookie cutter type of experience where there are heavy crowds. This tour is very far from this experience. 


Chase will be working with the guiding team in order to get you the best possible wildlife viewing chances and photography chances as possible.


You will be able to communicate directly with the team for what wildlife you wish to see, visit and photograph and for us to be there during the best, most opportune times for activity and lighting conditions.


In order to get to the wildlife viewings off the beaten path we will be in a similar vehicle as shown here. You'll have plenty of space and unobstructed viewing options in order to best capture Tanzania's diverse wildlife and landscapes.

As stated in the tour name we are not following other tracker's paths, we are carving our own way through the African savannah so that our guests can have the most unique and special African safari photo tour experience.

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Tanzania, Africa Photo Tour

Summary of Photo Tour:

Dates: Feb. 26 - March 6 2022

Location: Tanzania (DAR airport)

Available Spots: 7 Total Guests

Difficulty level: Easy, good for all fitness levels

Wildlife Photo Chances: 

8/10 to 10/10 - we are going to the best locations during the calving seasons so we should have fantastic viewing and photography opportunities for wildlife chases and unique behaviour. A friendly reminder, our wildlife tours wild do not guarantee any experience to be perfect for unobstructed viewing or predictable.

Price from: $10,225 USD 


Single Supplement: $500 USD

Registration deposit: 50% of total price (full payment required 120 days after initial deposit to the tour.

Arrival: KIA airport (Kilimanjaro International Airport)

Departure: The day after the tour is recommended out of the same airport you arrived at. KIA airport (Kilimanjaro International Airport)

Included During Tour:

  • Ground transportation between camps and for wildlife

  • Accommodation for 8 nights

  • Private safari vehicle

  • Your personal safari team - photo guide, wildlife guide and driver

  • All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • 1 professional photo guides with all tuition, individual post-processing sessions

  • The fly camp house beer and wine are included. Same for Nyikani Mobile Camp. The only place where alcoholic beverages are not included is Arusha lodges.

Not included: 

  • Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the starting location in Tanzania

  • Any camera gear rentals

  • Duty and visa fees where applicable

  • Any personal items including alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages (tea and coffee included)

  • Snacks

  • Souvenirs

  • Proof of travel and health insurance is a requirement

  • Covid screening / PCR / Testing

  • The only place where alcoholic beverages are not included is Arusha lodges.


$10,225 USD

+ $500 for single supplement request

General Itinerary & Information northern tanzania

your photography instructors & tour guides


This tour is arranged by our partners at The Image of Africa with photography instruction provided by Chase Teron of Artica Studios.

Please download the PDF for you to get the full guide list and the itinerary 



Photography Instructor & Guide

View Chase's most recent photos on Instagram @Chase.Teron

Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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Tanzania Photography Tour 2022 Chase Teron
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What to Bring:

Recommended Photo Gear

  • DSLR Camera (full frame, crop, mirrorless)

  • GoPro with an extendable stick. Extra batteries - bring an attachment with an extendable pole or chest mount

  • Monopod and or bean bags for photographing the wildlife but tripods not recommended as they take up too much space and are too slow.

  • Telephoto Zoom Lens e.g. 70-200 mm, 100-400mm, 600 mm (recommended for wildlife).

    • *** For this African safari tour, we highly recommend 400 to 600mm option using a converter or long lens as we keep our distance from wildlife unless they approach us and having a shorter telephoto if the wildlife happen to be closer for example a 200mm.

  • Mid-Zoom Lens e.g. 24-70 mm, 24-105mm or 18-135 mm to capture the waterfalls, the landscapes and portraits.

  • Proper memory cards for your specific gear, Laptop with Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop downloaded



What to Wear & Gear to Bring:

Please bring a variety of clothing options and layer to easily adjust to the changing climate. Here is a list of recommended clothing and gear to bring:


  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket - something with Goretex

  • Warm Mid-layer: Sweater/Fleece

  • Thick Warm Pants

  • Comfortable Pants - like a hiking pant

  • Thermal Leggings/Long Johns

  • Footwear: Good Hiking Boots or Books that you can walk in - please do not just bring sandals or flip flops or open toed shoes

  • Warm Hat

  • Photography Gloves for the boat - a running glove for example or something with tacky grip but not winter gloves

  • Towel

  • Anything else for your comfort

  • Local currency for tipping - photography guides, lodge staff. 10-20% of your tour cost distributed amongst staff is typical


​Frequently Asked Questions: Artica PHOTO TOURS

Is it safe to travel to Tanzania?


Answer: We only bring groups to locations that we are 100% satisfied with their current safety conditions with weather, with wildlife, with political situations etc. So rest assured travelling to Tanzania with me, Chase Teron and The Image of Africa we put your safety first to make sure we get to every destination safely. Tanzania is a very safe place to travel.

Are your photo tours just for photographers?


Answer: No, not at all! Our trips are approximately 50/50% split of photographers and non-photographers. These trips are called photo tours as Jenni and I are instructing photography lessons hands on while we explore and sail. We have non-photographers (with iPhones, etc), beginners to expert photographers on our trips. It's the perfect learning grounds where you get to immerse yourself in nature and be surrounded by great people.

Everyone with a positive attitude, a love for nature is welcome to join us.


Why Artica Photo Tours vs. Other Tours?


Answer: Jenni and I are so passionate about our tours we take small groups that are more intimate where we can connect with each one of our guests. We also pride ourselves on taking you to these remote locations that are extremely difficult to get to and otherwise unaffordable. Our tours are never over-priced as we want you to have a life-changing experience and for you to share your experience (and photos) with family and friends and for them to be able to afford to have their own Artica Photo Tour experience.

We also have the best-skilled guides and nicest people working alongside us. We only partner with reputable brands and reputable individuals to make sure your experience is one that makes you want to come back for more and to join us on another Artica Photo Tour.


Our tours are not just photography workshops, they are life-changing experiences that will shape you as a person. Whatever your current understanding is of photography, our workshops will help you improve in a variety of areas, including composition, editing, business acumen, personal style development, workflow and more!


We are looking for positive, like-minded people to join our trips as it is most often the people who make the experience and everything else is just a bonus. We love animals and the environment and we care deeply about creating inspiration and action to help make the world a better  place. 


Let's fall in love with Africa together.

Do you want to know how to book the tour? 


Answer: Email Chase directly at hello@artica-studios.com and we will have a brief zoom chat and then collect the deposits for however many guests are joining your group and then we will send your confirmation via email immediately after. We are also available to help you book your flights to make sure you have no logistical head aches.

Are these images from Tanzania?


Answer: The images in the grids with the accommodations, vehicle and the section with the hyena photo are from Tanzania provided by The Image of Africa. The other images are from Namibia but they give you an indication of the same wildlife we will encounter and also a preview of my African images with my edits.