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Artica Studios is a multifaceted company based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Here's what we do!

Artica Studios Small Group Photo Tours "Wild & Remote" Photography Tours - Small Group & Private Photo Tours

  • Photography Tours in Greenland

  • Photography Tours in Northern Norway to Swim with wild Orcas

  • Photography Tours in Svalbard with Polar Bears

  • Photography Tours in Churchill 

  • Photography Tours in the Great Bear Rainforest

  • Photography Tours in Namibia, Africa 

  • Photography Tours to Baffin, Island and the Canadian Arctic

Artica Studios Online Wildlife Photography Tutorials through www.UltimatePhotoCourse.com   - Practical Wildlife Instruction 34 Modules 

Artica Studios Film Production - We have a team of film makers, editors who can produce commercial film production. Professional drone certified

Artica Studios Photography Production - commercial production for high end International brands. We have shot over 100 campaigns

Artica Studios Limited Edition Fine Art - see gallery pages

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Chase Teron Svalbard Polar Bears
Chase Teron Wildlife Photographer
Chase Teron Artica Studios Orcas
Artica Studios Photo Tours
Chase Teron Photographer

About Chase

Chase Teron is a full-time photographer, videographer and photography instructor based on Vancouver Island. He is a self-taught photographer who was inspired to create art to help grow environmental conservation initiatives. Chase is extremely passionate about nature and animals and he hopes his photography and videography will drive positive change in respecting our environments. He has also been vegan for 5 years to hold himself accountable each day to be apart of the animal rights and climate change conversation.


He is an expedition leader and photography teacher guiding International clients all over the world in the Canadian Rockies, Canadian Arctic (Baffin Island), Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Northern Norway and Africa. Chase is an expedition photography instructor at Natural World Safaris, Churchill Wild, Secret Atlas for the Svalbard Archipelago and Canadian Sub-Arctic expeditions to photograph the majestic Polar Bears amongst glaciers, and icebergs and all Arctic wildlife.  


Chase has proudly partnered with Canon Canada's for their One 2 Watch Program. He is an adventurer and traveller and has instructed photography with Daniel Kordan for the 'Midnight Sun Greenland Yachting Expedition'. Chase has travelled to more than 30 countries and his favourite locations to shoot are: Greenland, Icelan, Svalbard and the Great Bear Rainforest.

Chase Teron was also a finalist for National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

He specializes in harsh conditions in the Arctic and sub-Arctic and a firm believer of suffering to get the photo to tell the story. Chase loves the extreme conditions of the Arctic and his life goal is to document the inhabitants of seemingly inhabitable locations. 


He is extremely proud to be apart of the Aquatica Digital family and team and he hopes his images of Orcas can help place further restrictions on commercial fishing, oil exploration and any other resource extraction in addition to help ocean cleanup initiatives.


View his galleries above. Chase Tern's photography prints are available for purchase in the fine art shop.

Chase also specializes in digital marketing and is a full time photography business coach and consultant. In 2021, he was apart of the Prints for Wildlife team to raise $1.1 million USD for the African Parks Network.


Chase is a member of Wild Actual, Canadian Conservation Photographer's Collective

Canon Canada Partner 

Follow Chase on Instagram @Chase.Teron

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Jenni Lisacek Wildlife Photography
Jenni Lisacek Wildlife Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Conservation
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photographer
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Swim with Orcas Artica Adventures
@JenniNaturally Photographer
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek Photographer
Jenni Lisacek Photography
Jenni Lisacek

About Jenni

Photographer, Videographer, Wildlife Guide, Environmentalist & Conservationist

I have always felt a deep pull towards creating and a desire to capture the experience and beauty of nature. I'm captivated when I find little treasures of raw, hidden beauty, whether it's a beautiful fence full of suspended flowers and vines that I found when I was walking in the city, an incredible mountainous landscape with sunlight cascading through its peaks in the early morning or a person with 1000 stories written across their face and eyes full of emotion and soul.  My art is a collection of all the pieces of beauty I have found in the world that inspire me, fill me with happiness and bring me inner stillness, peace and joy. My biggest passion is spending time with animals and nature and sharing their stories in order to help people feel connected to them and care to help protect them. My gallery is a collection visuals from my travels around the world with an emphasis on wildlife, nature and conservation.

Find me on instagram: @jenninaturally

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'Wild & Remote' photography tours and expeditions 

Private photography tours and expeditions 

Freelance commercial photography and videography 

Limited edition fine art prints


Interested in a partnership, hiring or media licensing?

Send us an email to hello@artica-studios.com with your detailed idea and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and/or our availability 

Luxury custom photo tours should be arranged minimum 1 year in advance - for boat charters specifically in the Arctic notably in Greenland and Svalbard


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