Preserve the Borneo Rainforest from Destruction Saving Wild Orangutans & Pygmy Elephants 

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Project Description

Jenni and I are looking to volunteer for this incredible project to help preserve wildlife populations in the Borneo in February or March 2019.

We will be based in the mystical Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain Rainforest in Sabah, this orangutan project completely encompasses the awe-inspiring diversity and dynamism of Borneo's wildlife. The area in which you will be volunteering is situated within WWF's protected 'Corridor of Life', a region of enormous importance in balancing land-development and the needs of its indigenous communities and wildlife.

This project allows us to be completely immersion into the natural wonder of the unique habitat, aiming to work on the reforestation of the environment, to help orangutans and pygmy elephants in Borneo to thrive.

We will be staying in the small village of Sukau for the duration of the project, a rural, indigenous community with a population of approximately just 1,000. The charming, hospitable 'Orang Sungai' ('People of the River'), are always keen to share their way of life and welcome guests into their community. In return, we will assist with educating the local population on the importance of conservation and implementing more sustainable ways of living including documenting every moment and creating an experience in 2020 for a group to join us next year

The main part of the programme will be centred on activities in and around Sukau village or along the Kinabatangan River, but we will also spend time working with the project staff, assisting with wildlife monitoring through river-cruises and rainforest-treks. As well as orangutans and pygmy elephants, the orangutan wildlife sanctuary in which the project is based is also home to gibbons and hornbills - making it a wildlife haven.

Why This Project Needs Chase and Jenni... and You!

Volunteers on this project are needed help the conservation of the local wildlife, specifically the Orangutans and Pygmy Elephants, and this is done through wildlife monitoring, reforestation and spending time with the local Orang Sungai people helping to educate them about how conservation and economic growth can go hand in hand.

We will be helping plant trees, getting involved with teaching the local school children and observing the endangered wildlife along the river banks. Our time will be spread across many different areas during the stay

Jenni and I fell in love with the wildlife of Asia and we visited many false sanctuaries in these countries as seen below so our goal is to help conserve what is left of the true wild wildlife population.



OUR GOAL: Raise $16,400 (CAD) to volunteer and to bring 2 supporters in 2020


If we raise $5,000 (CAD) Jenni and I will volunteer our time covering the volunteer costs of $2,200 (CAD) per person plus $600 towards our flights and any remaining will be put towards more conservation projects! 

If we raise $10,000 (CAD) we will bring a guest next year including $1,000 (CAD) towards your flight +  $2,200 (CAD). If donate a minimum of $10 you will be entered into our giveaway and you must register on our website as well

If we raise our total goal of $16,400 we will bring 2 guests including $1,000 (CAD) + $2,200 (CAD) to join us next year. Minimum of $10 donation to be entered and you must register on our website. 


Thank you for your kindness and we will showcase exactly where all of the funds raised are going. Anything and everything will be for wildlife and habitat conservation.


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