Canadian Rockies Photo Workshop

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Summer 2019

Guided by Chase Teron & Jenni Lisacek

Cost: $3,900 USD/person (plus 13% HST tax)

Join us on an expedition photography workshop to capture the breathtaking  Rocky Mountains landscapes where we visit 2 to 3 National Parks in 7 days and 7 nights. We will see incredible mountain ranges, lakes, reflections, rivers, wildlife while we hike, kayak, and go on a boat ride in Jasper. What you will learn in this workshop is how to scout for locations, how to master your DSLR, how to shoot long exposures during the day (ND filters, Graduated filters), how to shoot time-lapses, star trails and mastering astrophotography.


We will wake up before the sun rises each morning to photograph the sunrises in beautiful locations to see the sun hit the peaks of the mountains and enjoy calm lake conditions. Afterwards, we will enjoy breakfast at local restaurants or on the go when we are hiking. Depending on the size of the group and the physical fitness we can decide as a group which hikes we will do.


This workshop is focused on the technical aspect of setting up landscape shots, compositions, as well as a full day of post work editing while staying in a lodge surrounded by mountains. After the editing session, we will head out to photograph the Milky Way and cross our fingers for the Northern Lights. All meals are included, National Park passes, water, transportation once arrived in Banff, 2 instructors lessons in field and workflow, and accommodation during the tour.

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Chase Teron Milky Way Banff Canada
Chase Teron Milky Way Banff Canada
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Chase Teron Mount Assiniboine
Chase Teron Mount Assiniboine
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Chase Teron Photography
Chase Teron Photography
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Canadian Rockies Itinerary & Getting Here 

 Banff, Lake Louise Yoho

in 7 days

Day 2 (Lake Louise, Banff National Park): Starting off the day bright and early to photograph blue hour after a 1.5hr hike or the option to shoot sunrise without hiking. We will be in the Lake Louise area to witness the turquoise blue lakes surrounded by mountains, dense forest, and possibility to see wildlife (moose, caribou, bears)


Practicing newly learned techniques and addition of new skills.


Lunch and Dinner in Lake Louise


Shooting sunset in the area then the Milky Way


Hotel in Banff

Day 1 (Banff National Park):

Starting first thing in the morning to catch the blue hour and sunrise. Water bottles, snacks/fruit and coffee to go. 

Spending the afternoon photographing and venturing around Banff then lunch in town.

The afternoon working on landscape compositions and essential landscape techniques to be used for the remainder of the workshop. Going to the best spots around Banff National Park and shooting sunset 

Astro photography starting at midnight.


Hotel: Banff

Day 3: (Lake Louise, Banff National Park)


Photographing an iconic lake Canadian landscape at Sunrise. The perfect opportunity to shoot a sunrise timelapse.


Headed up for an easy 3 hour round trip hike to photograph the Rocky Mountains from a high up perspective. 


Heading down for lunch then to photograph early afternoon and photographing the sunset.


Hotel: Banff

Day 4: (Yoho National Park)

Photographing Sunrise and hiking around the back of the lake, also photographing the waterfalls in the area.

Heading down the world famous Icefield's Parkway on route to Jasper photographing sunset at a breathtaking location.

Astrophotography at some hidden locations on our way to Jasper and locations in Jasper.

Hotel: Banff

Day 5: ​Arrived in Jasper National Park 

Earning morning boat ride heading to photograph one of Canada's most famous locations. Free boat ride included

Shooting wildlife: Bears, Moose, Caribou

Exploring new heights in Jasper for sunset

Hotel: Editing class and having dinner catered in.

Astrophotography night 2 in Jasper

Hotel: Banff


Day 6: Exploring Jasper National Park

Shooting sunrise and early morning light at two locations. Always chasing the golden hours!

Short day hike in the area - 2-4hrs easy hike

Flex time

Heading back to Banff - Photograph Icefield's Parkway

Hotel: Banff

Flex time or photograph more Astrophotography

Day 7: Banff National Park


Shooting Sunrise at breathtaking at a breathtaking lake


Photograph wildlife in the area


Editing and work flow presentation round 2 


Tour finishing at 1pm after lunch


Dinner option (not included)


Shuttle Banff to YYC for flight home




Canadian Rockies Photo Workshop Cost $3,900 USD (+13% HST)


Included in the price (please read carefully)


  • Accommodations - We are staying in Canmore in a large home to ensure quality editing instruction

  • Transportation - from Banff NP to Yoho NP and to Jasper NP return to Banff

  • National Park Fees

  • Backpacker Meals & Breakfast, Coffee, Tea & Grocery Store Visits (One Meal per person) 

  • Photo Editing Workshops (Lightroom, Photoshop)

  • Photo Technical Workshops (for beginners and experts)


Not included in the price


  • Airfare to Calgary Airport YYC

  • Transportation from Airport to Banff. We will pick you up from your hotel

  • Dinner is not included * We have the option of making food or restaurants 

  • Beverages at Grocery Stores and Alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks

  • Additional items at restaurants

  • Travel Insurance

  • Gifts at shops etc.

  • Visas (if applicable)

What to bring


Photo Gear: 

  • DSLR Camera (full frame recommended for astrophotography)

  • Tripod 

  • Remote Shutter (for timelapses) Purchase one here for cheap

  • Wide Angle Lens e.g. 14-24 mm f/2.8, 16-35mm f/2.8 or 17-40 mm f/2.8 (recommended for lakes)

  • Zoom Lens e.g. 24-70 mm, 24-105mm or 18-135 mm 

  • Telephoto Zoom Lens e.g. 70-200 mm, 100-400/600 mm (recommended for wildlife)

  • ND Filters e.g. Small Stopper ND1.6  and Large Stopper ND3.0 (recommended for long exposure during day/waterfalls)

  • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop - we will be editing together on our laptops and you can follow along on yours. Also, a laptop allows you to backup your files

  • Drones are not permitted in National Parks in Canada so please do not expect to fly them here.

What to Wear: 

Temperatures in the mountains can vary because of the nature of the climate. It is best to bring warm clothing and be comfortable than to be cold. Bring a variety of clothing options and layer to easily adjust to the changing climate.

  • Waterproof and Windproof Jacket 

  • Warm Jacket 

  • Warm Sweater

  • Flexible Pants

  • Thermal Leggings/Long Johns

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Warm Hat/Beanie/Toque

  • Photography Gloves

The full list and our itinerary will be sent by email to participants.




Flight Information

Book a flight and fly into Calgary International Airport YYC. Your return flights should be on the last day of our tour or if you want to stay in Calgary/Banff extra time you can arrange on your own cost.


Arrive in Calgary the day prior to the tour start date and you can then book a shuttle to Banff and a hotel/hostel/AirBNB.


Getting to Banff

Book a roundtrip shuttle bus to Banff - arrive the day before our tour, return shuttle depends on your return flight. Last day of tour in the afternoon or the following day.

Banff Airporter Shuttle (Click Here to Book)


Brewster Express Shuttle 


Simply Google "airport shuttle to Banff"


Canadian Rockies Photo Workshop Cost $3,900 USD shared rooms. To reserve your spot 50% non-refundable deposit of $1,800 USD (+13% tax)


Email us to reserve your spot today, as spots are filling quickly!

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"The most incredible photo tour I have ever had. These two, Jenni and Chase, really made the tour exceptional with shooting locations, on site lessons and post workflow... the surrounding landscapes and wildlife were just a bonus." - Peter K.   United Kingdom


"Chase and Jenni are a dynamic couple who have great chemistry in running a photography workshop. There's good reason why they have started to expand their operation to locations like Greenland, and Iceland." - Samuel R.   U.S.A.