Our Current Project: Quit Job &

Make a Film 

September 2018

Status: Ongoing

Our next large project is filming a documentary in Greenland September 2018 - we are here in Greenland right now as of September 5th 2018 until September 25th. Chase quit his corporate job officially on July 1, 2018 where he was doing two full jobs for 3 years. He took the conservative approach to becoming a full time photographer, which has paid off in a very big way. Read his Shutter Muse interview here about the process.


Back to the film! We have assembled an incredibly talented team of photographers and videographers from around the world to produce this film. There is a group of 6 of us sailing around Southern Greenland where we will be hiking and camping in the fjords. Strangers meeting together in Greenland for the first time, and we decide to make a short film together.


Stay tuned for more updates as we develop this project written and produced by Chase Teron and Jenni Lisacek.


Our team is below:


  • Chase Teron (Canada)  Writer, Director, Cinematographer (DP)  & Producer

  • Jenni Lisacek (Canada) Writer, Director, Cinematographer (DP)  & Producer

  • Lennart Pagel (Germany)

  • Roman Koenigshofer (Austria)

  • Tom Klocker (Austria) 

  • Leo Thomas (Germany)


Proudly Partnered with Air Iceland Connect 


Canon Canada

Lux Pro Flashlights and Headlamps

Arc'teryx and our local Arc'teryx Yorkdale

F-Stop Camera Gear

Formatt Hitech Filters 


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New Project: Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant Borneo Forest Conservation Project


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