2019 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is especially important for us to consider that what we spend money on, we are essentially voting for into existence. We are saying "yes, keep making this. We like it.". Consumer demand dictates which business succeed and which business can't survive. It is the perfect time for us to make more conscious choices that can impact our world positively. Whether you have a large budget or small, our gift guide was created to help anyone and everyone come up with unique gift ideas that don't put a strain on our enviornment and can create a positive ripple outward into the lives of the people we love.

> Experiences & Memories

There are so many amazing experiences to pick from; classes, workshops, lessons, trips, events. Gifting an experience and creating an opportunity to share a memory together is one of the best gifting options. Do they keep talking about a band they love or a new skill they want to learn? Are they interested in a particular craft and wanting to develop their skills further? Giving someone an experience can be a green choice and also a really great opportunity to be thoughtful and do something with the person you love, that they love to do.

Museum Exhibitions

Live Music Shows

Shared Interest Activities



Road trip somewhere special -on you

Multi-day trip abroad

Upcoming Event Idea: Yoga and Herbal Workshop in Vancouver


> Hand Made Creations

Use your creative gifts to conjure up something special. Artwork, baking, photo prints, knitting, pottery, poetry, DIY projects- use your unique talents and create something thoughtful. These are my personal favourite gifts to receive and they are great gift ideas for even the smallest of budgets.

> Second Hand Treasures

Finding special items that you know they will love and giving them a new home.

> Ethically Created Clothing Made with Natural Fabric and Dyes

Bohemian Folk Clothing

A brand that breaks free from the mainstream fast-fashion paradigm. Guided by the idea of “eco-simplicity,” Bohemian folk is on a quest to bring women back to a simpler and more ethical approach to getting dressed. Instead of promoting trend-based, fast-fashion, Bohemian Folk instead creates organic basics that are destined to be your go-to pieces, day in, day out; wardrobe staples that work together as a system, designed to be mixed, matched, and layered. No patterns. No prints. No fuss. No hassle. Just everyday essentials that embody an unmistakably earthy, and well, bohemian vibe. Made with love in Chicago, from the most sustainable fibers and dyes on the planet. Bohemian Folk is also a part of a global movement that donates 1% of sales to high-impact environmental non-profits.

Beautiful colours made from all natural plant dyes

Their hemp and organic cotton leggings are my personal favourite

bohemianfolkclothing.com @bohemianfolkclothing

Subscribe to their email list for 20% off your purchase

> Conscious Jewelry

Jewels by SJB

An eco-conscious brand, connecting the world of high quality jewelry with ethical and cruelty free creations. A portion of the proceeds from each piece is donated to animals and humans in need. They use recycled sterling silver, 14k gold fill metal and genuine gemstones in their pieces and ship in eco-friendly packaging

Made in Toronto, Canada



Use Code: jenninaturally for a special discount of 10% off

Free Shipping to Canada and USA

> Natural Body Care and Wellness

Earth + Moon Organics

Products designed to promote whole body health. All organic, all natural, vegan herbal body care and wellness products. All the products are made fresh upon ordering in small batches and all the ingredients are plants. No fillers, no synthetic fragrances or preservatives- just pure wholesome plant goodness. 1% of profits from 2019 will go directly to helping stray and sick animals in Bali.



Use Code: MOON for 30% off your order

> Clothing Made from Recycled Materials

Swedish Stockings

The only sustainable hosiery brand worldwide. Their mission is to change and influence the entire hosiery industry. Nylon yarn, which is currently used to produce most modern pantyhose, is created from an environmentally harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process that leads to damaging carbon emissions. More-so, modern pantyhose isn’t made to last. They have changed the game by creating their pantyhose from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste. They also have a great stocking recycling program.



For 20 % off your order subscribe to their email list

> Protection For the Person Glued to Their Screen

Barner Brand Blue Blocking Glasses

Barner's lenses have a coating specially developed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to the blue- violet and LED light of digital devices like smartphones, TVs, and tablets.

Barner's lenses are made with ultra thin layers giving them unique characteristics. They are scratch and static resistant , they're easy to clean and they have a stylish design.

I have the Tortoise Le marais inspired by french design and I love them! -Jenni



Get 10% off your first order

> Reusable Cutlery Kit for the Girl or Guy on the Go

Roll up bamboo cutlery kit for a plastic free lifestyle

Made in Toronto by a talented seamstress

Comes with: 1x bamboo straw + coconut fibre brush cleaner 1x knife 1x spoon 1x fork 1x set chop sticks

Take this lightweight bamboo kit to-go to reduce your plastic consumption. Perfect for travelling, flying and camping. Roll up kit is washable (cold water gentle cycle or by hand) that can also double as a placemat or napkin.

This is the perfect gift idea for someone whose always on the go, traveling, eating out. Help them make a positive impact on our environment by reducing single use plastic.


Other Ideas

> Reusable water bottle

> Reusable Tote Bag filled with Eco-friendly goodies

> Artwork by a small scale talent

> Donation to a cause they care about on their behalf

Some great non-profits to help animals:

Local Humane Society or SPCA

Rasta Farm Sanctuary (Vancouver Island)

Villa Kitty (Bali)

Bawa (Bali)

Paws Across the Water

Sea Shepherd (marine wildlife)

Rob Stewart Shark Water Foundation (sharks and other marine animals)

Green Fabrics and Ingredients to look for in a product:

Recycled Materials



Organic Cotton

Natural Plant Dyes (Turmeric, Beet, Olive etc.)

Essential Oils



Ingredients and Fabrics to Avoid:

Animal Products (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin)




Artificial Fragrance (Perfume)

Artificial Dyes/Colours (ex. Red Dye 40)

Artificial Flavours

If you have any other great gift ideas for this holiday season that are eco-friendly add them in the comments below! Are you a handmade artisan or a small business with a green initiative? You are also welcome to leave your business website or instagram handle with a little bit about your business below to share with our community.

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