This course has been created by three professional photographers with distinctive backgrounds and styles: Donal Boyd, Jenni Lisacek, and Chase Teron.


Filmed and produced while locked down at Erindi Private Game Reserve in Namibia during the global Coronavirus crisis. 


This course is ultra-unique because we have been granted full access to the incredible wildlife here at Erindi. 


This is the FIRST and ONLY photography course of its kind that features extensive in-field coverage of photography techniques with real-world examples. 




(1) How to prepare for an African safari (packing lists, gear suggestions, and travel tips)


(2) In-field Approaches including NEVER seen before specialized methods 


(3) Editing: Lightroom and Photoshop (basic workflow editing, and powerful methods for transforming your imagery 


(4) Conservation: Insight into using photography as a medium for visual advocacy  




(1) Beginner: You’re planning to visit Africa for a safari sometime after the Coronavirus crisis.


(2) Intermediate: You have existing skills but want to refine your approach with advice from experts who have spent hundreds of hours fine-tuning unique methodologies.


(3) Advanced: Open to incorporating novel approaches into your current techniques for a fresh outlook on wildlife photography. 


The course will be emailed directly to you upon purchase - please note the Pre-Sale will include the BONUS material 

The Ultimate Wildlife Photography Course

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