The 4 Winners Joining Us in the Norwegian Arctic are:

Thank you for entering our adventure contest giveaway on Vero!

We reviewed every entry in our contest giveaway on Vero and we have chosen these 4 people to join us 300km North of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Jenni and I were truly inspired by all of the entries. This was not an easy decision and we are so happy to have these 4 people join our adventure to swim with Orcas to drive changes in behaviours in regards to Orca habitats and to help tell a story of the polluted conditions of the Arctic. We hope to see you join our adventures in 2019: Greenland to sail around icebergs, 2019 Norway to swim with Orcas, 2019 Iceland and Canada to hike in the backcountry. Thank you for Vero for creating a platform to connect with everyone from around the world. Thanks to our wildlife guide and photo partner Jonas Beyer for the incredible Orca images used throughout the contest.

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@Jake Graham Photo
@Mikki Kuipers
@Hannes Becker
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All of the runner ups and honourable mentions get a 15% discount off of a 2019 Artica Adventure to either Greenland (Sailing around Icebergs), Norway (Swimming with Orcas), Iceland and Canadian Rockies (Back country exploration).

Runner Ups

  • Lena Gresser

  • Zach Baranowski

  • Semmy Dueren

Honourable Mentions

  • Wadih Moussa

  • Michael Schauer

  • Fatima Kutzchbach

  • Ashley Kocsis

  • Trevor Harder

  • Filip Hrebenda

  • Lauren Francis

  • Michael Schauer

  • Polar.Girl: Daniela 

  • Brandon Broderick

  • Hayden Farrell

  • Nome Romes

  • Louise Kneife

  • Jeremy Schaller

  • Lorenzo Ragazzi

  • Mateusz Chec

  • Ben Savage

  • Tom Schwabel

  • Sandra Garcia Ramos

At Artica Studios our goal is to provide people with intimate wildlife and nature experiences to places that are difficult to get to or are typically unaffordable. We want you to experience these unique adventures and be able to bring your family and friends without spending your life savings. Our goal is to bring people together from all over the world to create beautiful photographs and videos that will drive a change in behaviours for a more environmentally responsible planet.

- Jenni & Chase