Our Ethical Practices & Values
For Our Photo Tours & Gallery Work

No Baiting, No Calling, No Stressing Wildlife

We never guarantee wildlife sightings. We do our research to provide you with REAL WILD experiences. We set the standard for wildlife conservation photography practices. Wildlife and personal safety is our #1 priority. Our team will observe wildlife behaviour to know when we need to give them space to thrive.

Working With Locals

At Artica, we always hire locals for our accommodation, our boat charters, our guiding or even our partners. We are proud supporters of the Canadian first nations and indigenous groups and respect their territories and practices.

Small Group Sizes

All Artica ran tours are less than 13 people total. If we are doing wildlife photography in remote regions, you can expect smaller group sizes to ensure we do not disturb wildlife and so that you have ample space and room to shoot. If we are partnered with another organization, we will split groups into zodiacs or different hiking groups.

Family Owned & Operated

The founders Chase and Jenni and their son, Bear choose to build a company around their core values of animal welfare, habitat protection, in order to create a sustainable future and to help educate and inspire a global community of nature lovers.

Plant-Based Meals

All Artica Photo Tours solely operated by us offer plant-based nutrition. From breakfast to dinner, we ensure that no animals are harmed. This also includes avoiding palm oil and other resource intensive ingredients when possible.

We Only Travel With Nice People

Our tours are small group sizes and therefore the quality of our guests is a top priority to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation photo tour. Chase, Jenni or an Artica team member will chat with each person wanting to join before we accept payments.

Meet The
Artica Team

Chase Teron

Co-Founder Artica Studios & Co-Founder of 100 for the Ocean 

Photographer, Wildlife Guide & Conservationist

Chase Teron, a dedicated ethical wildlife photographer and conservationist, finds his passion deeply rooted on the picturesque landscapes of Vancouver Island.

With a commitment to preserving the natural world, Chase utilizes his lens to capture the beauty and vulnerability of wildlife in their natural habitats. His work extends beyond photography, embodying a mission to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

Hailing as an award-winning and internationally published photographer, Chase Teron’s captivating imagery speaks volumes about his devotion to his craft.

His lens doesn’t merely freeze moments in time; it tells the stories of the creatures he encounters, reflecting their struggles, resilience, and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Through his lens, Chase brings the untamed wilderness into focus for audiences across the globe.

Chase Teron’s impact extends beyond artistic endeavours. He has forged collaborations with major conservation organizations spanning the planet, a testament to his dedication to making a tangible difference having raised more than $2.6M USD for conservation through his direct efforts.

His partnership with these organizations reflects his belief in the power of imagery to galvanize action and change for the betterment of the Earth’s fragile ecosystems.

The Arctic, with its vast and remote expanses, holds a special place in Chase Teron’s heart. His love for this region is evident in his captivating images of polar bears gracefully navigating icy landscapes and whales breaching through frigid waters. He is drawn to the challenge of capturing the raw beauty of these remote and often harsh environments, using his photography to shed light on their fragility and the urgent need for conservation efforts.

In Chase Teron’s journey, the camera is not just a tool; it’s a conduit for storytelling and a catalyst for change. His name has become synonymous with ethical wildlife photography and proactive conservation efforts, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of art, advocacy, and the environment.

Jenni Teron

Co-Founder Artica Studios

Photographer, Wildlife Guide & Conservationist

Jenni is an artist with a deep love of nature. She specialises in ethical wildlife photography tours in remote regions and digital marketing for nature conservation photographers and organisations.

Jenni has always felt a calling to capture the beauty and experience of nature, and is constantly captivated by the hidden treasures she finds. Her art is a collection of all the pieces of beauty that inspire her – from animals and nature, to little moments that bring her happiness and inner peace.

Jenni’s passion lies in spending time with animals and exploring nature; it fills her with inspiration and brings her immense joy.


Jenni was a contributor to 100 for the Ocean

Laura Merz

Operations at Artica

Photographer, Conservationist,
Photography Guide

Laura is nature enthusiast and photographer with a deep love for world cultures. After living on four continents over the course of 15 years, she is now focused on highlighting the species of North America. She uses her unique style of colorful fine art photography to highlight the intersection between wildlife conservation and local cultures.

She has a background in graphic design and project management, and has enjoyed bringing her unique set of skills to the Artica team.


Laura was a contributor to 100 for the Ocean & Prints for Wildlife 
Winner of the Silver Award - Nature Category ReFocus Awards 2023

Tyler Cave

Photo Tour Instructor, Guide & Videographer

Tyler has a unique flair for storytelling through visuals. With an exceptional eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Tyler consistently produces stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression. He works as a videographer on Vancouver island, and lends his guiding expertise to Artica for our Grizzly and Black bear tours. 

Tyler is gifted in his ability to connect with both subjects and clients. His warm and friendly demeanor creates a comfortable atmosphere during our tours and you'll come away having learned so much - about the animals and your photography potential!

Vanessa Vaz

Executive Assistant to
Founder Chase Teron

Vanessa is an art and museum specialist with a rich tapestry of experience that celebrates culture and heritage. A proud alumna of Georgetown University, Vanessa has delved deep into esteemed institutions such as the Smithsonian and various contemporary spaces in Mumbai, India, engaging in curatorial research, education, and advancement roles.

Her leadership was notably displayed as the Outreach Team Manager at ThePrintSpace, where she steered quality research and enhanced communication strategies.
More recently, she's taken on the role of Executive Assistant at Artica Studios, bringing her unique blend of artistic insight and administrative organisational skills. As Vanessa steps into this new chapter, she is ardently looking forward to deploying her diverse skills to further enrich her role and contribute even more to the art community.




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For fine art print inquiries please visit www.ChaseTeron.com 

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